World Bank's Urbanization Knowledge Platform

Part of a presentation at Globalization Studies in an Urban World's faculty forum (March 18, 2011)

  • In February 2011, The World Bank announced that it will launch a Knowledge Platform with committed funds to focus on the issue of urbanization. The Knowledge Platform will convene and create a network of actors in the urban field, with the goal of identifying policies and investments that will improve urbanization outcomes.
  • The objective of Urbanization Knowledge Platform is to become "the world’s “go to” hub for urban knowledge exchange. Creating, sharing, and trading knowledge. This means moving beyond a static repository, and beyond conferences and workshops, towards an open-source knowledge exchange. A global nexus of urban stakeholders, that evolves over time."
  • It is: Focused interactions between Practitioners, Policymakers, Academics, the Private Sector, & Knowledge Brokers; Topics are demand-driven, requested by participants; Emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, within groups of national & urban governments.



More information (including a detailed PDF explanation) of this cross-sector knowledge facilitating initiative is available at: Making Cities Work



Related news: The University of Pennsylvania Signs Partnership Agreement with World Bank Group's Urbanization Knowledge Platform


The University of Pennsylvania, led by the Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR), will contribute academic expertise in the field of sustainable urban development to the World Bank’s new web-based hub for issues of global urbanization. Convening a broad-based coalition of practitioners, policy makers, and research institutions around the world, the Urbanization Knowledge Platform will facilitate the co-generation of critical policy regarding sustainable development in rapidly urbanizing countries.