Information relating to globalization in the Americas is divided simply into north (Canada and the U.S.), central (Mexico to Panama), and south (from Colombia to Argentina and Chile).

Librarianship and Information Management

An article in Harvard Magazine talks of how the library deals with the growing problems of librarianship and information management.

International Drug Traffficking

Although they are not mutually exclusive, international crime and terrorism comprise the darker sides of globalization. They use technologies, networks, and connections similarly to the way legal enterprises do, but also endeavor to subvert the work and connections that have made by the forces of the lighter side of globalization.

The Death of The Individual

Network (1976) is a film about the corporatization of the media. The story follows the members of a major network as it is bought out by a large conglomerate and is forced to sensationalize its news department in order to draw ratings. The movie itself is prophetic because it very nearly predicts the rise of reality television and a state of things where former notions of "authenticity" or "objectivity" in news reporting are irrelevant, taken over by editorialization.