Information relating to globalization in Africa is classified for convenience into four areas that can be distinguished both geographically and historically
East--Ethiopia down to Mozambique
North--Mauritania to Sudan, both the Saharan and the coastal states
Southern--Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa
West--Senegal to Chad and down to Angola

Africa between globalization and marginalization

In this video on Africa between globalization and marginalization, Philip Emeagwali says "Globalization without ethics impoverishes," during his keynote lecture at Michigan State University.

Talfigh: Finding Blues in Traditional Persian Music

Talfigh is a Persian word used for the attempt to globalize but maintain one’s original essence as well. Not to imitate, but to mix two “cultures,” ideals, etc., in a way that the result resembles neither and both at the same time. The following film captures Mohsen Namjoo’s attempt to find Blues in Iranian traditional music. This is called Talfigh. The movie is in Persian

The Radio Kaduna 'tafsir' (1978-1992)

The Radio Kaduna 'tafsir' (1978-1992) and the construction of public images of Muslim scholars in the Nigerian media / Andrea Brigaglia

Journal for Islamic Studies, 2007, vol. 27, p. 173-210

The Print Media in South Africa: Paving the Way for 'Privatisation'

The print media in South Africa : paving the way for 'privatisation' / Anne Mayher & David A. Mcdonald

Review of African Political Economy, 2007, vol. 34, no. 113, p. 443-460